The DIY Dangers of Nose Reshaping

Almost every day a new beauty contraption hits the market. While some of these items are effective in their purpose and overall safe for use, some are dangerous and may not produce the results they promised the customer. Nose shaper devices in particular blew up online in 2016, however this item is not actually new to the beauty market. Articles such as this one, discussing nose shapers, hit the web in July of 2012 but even then, this wasn’t the first time that they had been introduced to the world. This intriguing contraption was created in 1871 by Alexander Ross. Ross had many inventions that had to do with correction of facial features. Coming up with similar items for changing the shape of the chin or even for correcting ears that stick out, Ross was no stranger to these odd beauty hacks. However, while these nose shaping devices are currently very popular, as they were back in the Victorian Era, they are not actually safe for use. The most broad and general hazard of this device is the pain and uncomfortable sensation that it is said to cause. “The feeling (and mechanism) is not unlike wearing a chip clip on your nose. I recall it being painful and way more uncomfortable, like binder-clip strength..” stated Beauty and The Cat Blog. Aside from the pain often caused, this DIY nose shaping product can interfere with someones natural development, if used during the adolescent stage. With teens having virtually 24/7 access to the internet, and this product being particularly viral on Twitter and Instagram, it is likely that teens could have easy access to this product, which could damage their development if used during this stage. Nose shapers could also lead to permanent bruising, deformities, scars, and could cause infections or in the worst case, lead to death. The nose shapers, while promising to slim and redefine your nose, if working properly have the potential to slim your nose to the point that it could make it hard to breathe, and cut off air flow through your nose. The contraptions themselves have different designs depending on where you purchase it. In the Victorian Era, the nose shapers wrapped all the way around your head, to secure it in place and assure that it will not move.

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 5.24.14 PM

Today, they are more compact, and some are in the shape of clamps that you tighten around your nose. A popular brand, Nose Secret, consists of small splints that you slide up and into your nose. A huge risk with the Nose Secret brand is the possibility of the splint being sucked too far into your nose, and you having to get it surgically removed. Getting this device lodged in your nose could also cause internal nasal trauma, which occurs when the cartilage or the blood vessels inside your nose get damaged. Nose reshaping is one of the most complicated plastic surgery procedures, making it important to leave this procedure to the professionals in order to avoid the hazardous possibilities.



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